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Welcome to the chemical reaction engineering group


Our objectives

Our research groups develop sustainable chemical processes for the production of chemicals and fuels applying the principles of Green Chemistry1,2. We investigate catalysts for energy and resource-efficient conversions of renewable and sustainable raw materials with single and multiple functionalities. For their optimal utilization, we develop multi-phase systems that enable a high performance and efficient recycling of the catalyst. In reaction engineering, we are experienced with fixed bed reactors, membrane reactors, and microreactors as well as chemical looping for gas-phase and high-pressure reactors for liquid-gas reactions. For many projects, the development on the laboratory scale is accompanied by a techno-economic assessment (TEA) to guide through the projects and provide training for the scientists in decision-making in industrial research and development. Our research is embedded in several national and international interdisciplinary projects funded by the EU, DFG, BMBF, and industry.

Our tools and methods

·       Parallel reactors for screening

·       Single tube reactors for kinetic studies

·       TPR, TPD, and TPSR 

·       SSITKA and pulse reactors

·       High-pressure reactors

·       Photoreactors for liquid and gas phase

·       Kinetic modeling in Madonna, Chemkin, Presto und Aspen

Reactions of special interest are currently

·       Selective oxidation of small hydrocarbons

·       CO2 conversion to chemicals and fuels

·       Hydrogen production by photocatalytic water splitting

·       Different tandem reactions for fine chemicals



1 Anastas, Paul T., and John Charles Warner. "Green chemistry." Frontiers 640 (1998).

2 https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/greenchemistry/principles/12-principles-of-green-chemistry.html (accessed 06.04.2020)



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