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Publikationen 2017 - 2018

Magnetic Properties of Reduced and Reoxidized Mn-Na2WO4/SiO2: A Catalyst for Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM)

Riedel, W. and Thum, L and Moser, J. and Fleischer, V. and Simon, U and Siemensmeyer, K and Schnegg, A and Schomäcker, R and Risse, T and Dinse, K-P

J. Phys. Chem. C 2018, 122 , 22605–22614.

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Surface Carbon as a Reactive Intermediate in Dry Reforming of Methane to Syngas on a 5% Ni/MnO Catalyst

Gili, A. and Schlicker, L. and Bekheet, M. F. and Gorke, O. and Penner, S. and Grunbacher, M. and Gotsch, T. and Littlewood, P. and Marks, T.J. and Stair, P.C. and Schomäcker, R. and Doran, A. and Selve, S. and Simon, U. and Gurlo, A.

ACS CATAL 2018, 8 , 8739-8750.

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Chemical looping as a reactor concept for the oxidative coupling of methane over the MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 catalyst, benefits and limitation

Parishan, S. and Littlewood, P. and Arinchtein, A. and Fleischer, V. and Schomäcker, R.

Catalysis Today 2018, 311 , 40-47.

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Stepwise Methane-to-Methanol Conversion on CuO/SBA-15

Le, H.V. and Parishan, S. and Sagaltchik, A. and Ahi, H. and Trunschke, A. and Schomäcker, R. and Thomas, A.

Chem. Eur.J 2018, 24 , 12592 –12599.

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On the selectivity of CO2 photoreduction towards CH4 using Pt/TiO2 catalysts supported on mesoporous silica

Tasbihi, M. and Fresno, F and Simon, U. and Villar-García, I. J. and Pérez-Dieste, V. and Escudero, C. and de la Peña O’Shea, V. A.

Appl. Catal., B 2018, 239 , 68-76.

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Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Mesoporous Polymeric Carbon Nitride Photocatalysts

Tasbihi, M. and Acharjya, A. and Thomas, A. and Reli, M. and Ambrožová, N. and Kocí, K. and Schomäcker, R.

J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 2018, 18 , 1-9.

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Palladium-Catalyzed Methoxycarbonylation of 1-Dodecene in a Two-Phase System: The Path toward a Continuous Process

Illner, M. and Schmidt, M. and Pogrzeba, T. and Urban, C. and Esche, E. and Schomäcker, R. and Repke, J.U.

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2018, 57 , 8884-8894.

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Techno-economic Assessment Framework for the Chemical Industry-Based on Technology Readiness Levels

Buchner, G.A. and Zimmermann, A.W. and Hohgrave, A.E. and Schomäcker, R.

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2018, 57 , 8502-8517.

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Investigation into Consecutive Reactions of Ethane and Ethene Under the OCM Reaction Conditions over MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 Catalyst

Parishan, S. and Nowicka, E. and Fleischer, V. and Schulz, C. and Colmenares, M.G. and Rosowski, F. and Schomäcker, R.

Catal. Lett. 2018, 148 , 1659-1675.

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Multiphasic aqueous hydroformylation of 1-alkenes with micelle-like polymer particles as phase transfer agents

Bibouche, B. and Peral, D. and Stehl, D. and Soderholm, V. and Schomäcker, R. and von Klitzing, R. and Vogt, D.

RSC Adv. 2018, 8 , 23332-23338.

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Investigation of the role of the Na2WO4/Mn/SiO2 catalyst composition in the oxidative coupling of methane by chemical looping experiments

Fleischer, V. and Simon, U. and Parishan, S. and Colmenares, M.G. and Gorke, O. and Gurlo, A. and Riedel, W. and Thum, L. and Schmidt, J. and Risse, T. and Dinse, K.P. and Schomäcker, R.

J. Catal. 2018, 360 , 102-117.

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Pt/TiO2 photocatalysts deposited on commercial support for photocatalytic reduction of CO2

Tasbihi, M. and Kocí, K. and Edelmannová, M. and Troppová, I. and Reli, M. and Schomäcker R.


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Colloidal polymer particles as catalyst carriers and phase transfer agents in multiphasic hydroformylation reactions

Peral, D. and Stehl, D. and Bibouche, B. and Yu, H. and Mardoukh, J. and Schomäcker, R. and von Klitzing, R. and Vogt, D.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2018, 513 , 638–646.

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Alternative support materials for titania photocatalyst towards degradation of organic pollutants

Oblaka, R. andKetea M. and Štangara, U., L. and Tasbihic, M.

Journal of Water Process Engineering 2018, 23 , 142-150.

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