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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäcker

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäcker


Faculty II Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Institute of Chemistry
Chemical Reaction Engineering

Raum TC 118
Tel.: +49 (0)30/314-24973

Research Interests


Catalysis, colloids, kinetics, reaction engineering, membrane reactors, microemulsions, asymmetric hydrogenation, hydroformylation, partial oxidation of hydrocarbons


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Curriculum Vitae

1996–             Full Professor of Technical Chemistry, TU Berlin

1990–1996     Senior Scientist, Coorporate R&D Department, Bayer AG, Leverkusen

1992               Habilitation in Physical Chemistry, U Köln

1987–1990      Postdoc with Prof. Dr. M. Kahlweit, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

1987               PhD under supervision of Prof. Dr. W. Knoche, U Bielefeld

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Awards and Nominations

Awards (selection)

  • Innovation Award of German Gas Industry (2016)


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Professional Memberships

within TU Berlin: (selection)

  • 2003-2004 Head of the Chemistry Department, TU Berlin

other: (selection)

  • 2016-            Member of Scientific Advisory Board of Kopernikus-Project Power-2-X
  • 2014-            Member of the Scientific Committee of the German Catalysis Society
  • 2014-            Member of the DFG-Board for German-Israeli-Partnerships
  • 2014-            Member of Scientific Advisory Board of DexLeChem
  • 2012-            Member of the International Natural Gas Conversion Board
  • 2007           Member of the Boards of UniCat and BIG-NSE
  • 2004-            Member of Scientific Advisory Board of PolyAn
  • 20032004   Head of the Chemistry Department, TU Berlin
  • 19972005   Member of Advisory Board at the Institute of Applied Catalysis, Berlin

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Research Projects

Selection of collaboration partners

DFG                         “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” EXC314, (2007–2017)

DFG                         CRC Transregio 63: InPROMPT, A2,  2010–2017

DFG                         CRC 546,  B6, 2002–2008

EU                           ClimateKIC, 2015-2018

BMBF                       “Light-to-Hydrogen (L2H)” 2009–2014

BMBF                       “CO2Plus” 2016–2019

IHK                          Inkulab, 2015-2020


For more details, see aktuelle Projekte

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäckers classes are listed in the online course catalog.

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Publications (selection)

V. Fleischer, R. Steuer, S. Parishan, R. Schomäcker, Investigation of the surface reaction network of the oxidative coupling of methane over Na2WO4/Mn/SiO2 catalyst by temperature programmed and dynamic experiments, Journal of Catalysis, 2016, 341, 91–103

C. A. Carrero, R. Schlögl,I. E. Wachs,  R. Schomäcker,  Critical Literature Review of the Kinetics for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane over Well-Defined Supported Vanadium Oxide Catalysts, ACS Catal. 2014, 4, 3357−3380

R. Y. Parapat, M. Wijaya,  M. Schwarze,a Sören Selve,M. Willinger, R. Schomäcker, Particle shape optimization by changing from an isotropic to an anisotropic nanostructure: preparation of highly active and stable supported Pt catalysts in microemulsions, Nanoscale, 2013, 5, 796–805

M. Schwarze, D. Stellmach,M. Schröder,K. Kailasam, R. Reske, A. Thomas, R. Schomäcker, Quantification of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2013, 15, 3466--3472

H. Nowothnick, A. Rost,T. Hamerla, Reinhard Schomäcker, Ch. Müller D. Vogt, Comparison of phase transfer agents in the aqueous biphasic hydroformylation of higher alkenes, Catal. Sci. Technol., 2013, 3, 600--605

B. Beck, M. Harth, N.G. Hamilton, C.  Carrero, J.J. Uhlrich, A. Trunschke, S. Shaikhutdinov, H. Schubert, H.J. Freund, R. Schlögl, J. Sauer, R. Schomäcker, Partial oxidation of ethanol on vanadia catalysts on supporting oxides with different redox properties compared to propane, Journal of Catalysis 2012, 296, 120–131.

D. Teschner, G. Novell-Leruth, R. Farra, A. Knop-Gericke, R. Schlögl, L. Szentmiklosi, M.A. Hevia, H. Soerijanto, R. Schomäcker, J. Perez-Ramerez, N. Lopez, In situ surface coverage anal- ysis of RuO2-catalysed HCl oxidation reveals the entropic origin of compensation in heterogeneous catalysis, Nature Chemistry 2012, 4, 739–745.

S. Arndt, G. Laugel, S. Levchenko, R. Horn, M. Baerns, M. Scheffler, R. Schlögl, R. Schomäcker, A critical assessment of Li/MgO-Based catalysts for the oxidative coupling of methane, Catalysis Re- views – Science and Engineering 2011, 53, 424–514.

J. Dimroth, U. Schedler, J. Keilitz, R. Haag, R. Schomäcker, New polymer-supported catalysts for the asymetric transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone in water – kinetic and mechanistic investigations, Adv. Synth. Catal. 2011, 353, 1335–1344.

H. Nowothnick, J. Blum, R. Schomäcker, Suzuki coupling reactions in three-phase microemulsions, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 1918–1921.

For more details see Publikationen

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